Denise Burt

Graphic arts and design for music / Insta: deniseburt / Twitter: @DanishDenise

Festival identity: Festspiele

Figura Ensemble are the collaborative talents of soprano Helene Gjerris, musicians Jesper Egelund, Anna Klett & Frans Hansen, composer Peter Bruun, writer Ursuala Andkjær Olesen and architect Fillipa Berglund – and they make music theatre with a difference.


Every year, they present a music festival called “Festspiele” and in 2012 it was at Literaturhaus on Nørrebro, with the theme: “Folkmusic meets Electronic and Art Music”. The festival had two concert evenings full of amazing guests plus a “Soundwalk” tour around Nørrebro with 9 mini-concerts to visit.