Denise Burt

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Book with CD: Per Nørgård – Titanic

80-page book; Text by Thorkild Bjørnvig

Christian Steffensen, recitation; Svend Nielsen, violin; Jens Wilhelm Pedersen (Fuzzy), clarinet; Erik Norby, trumpet;

Per Nørgård, piano; Birgit Nielsen, vocals

Released on Edition Wilhelm Hansen, 2012

Images: Photographs from the Titanic by Frank Browne, orignal scores by Per Nørgård, original newspaper articles


To celebrate the 80th birthday of Denmark’s great composer Per Nørgård, Edition Wilhelm Hansen commissioned me to design the release of his work Titanic from 1962. Instead of making a CD in standard-format, we made a small book about the work that also housed a disc at the back. In my research, I found some fantastic photographs taken onboard the Titanic by a young catholic priest, Frank Browne (1880-1960), who got off the ship before it set sail across the Atlantic and met its doom. The book was also illustrated with Nørgård’s handcrafted score.