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CD: Duo Kapow – Burst

Duo Kapow! – Henrik Larsen, percussion; Claus Olesen, saxophone

Composers: Jexper Holmen, Kasper Jarnum, Morten Ladehoff, Niels Marthinsen, Niels Rønsholdt, Simon Steen-Andersen

Released on Dacapo Records, 2014

Image: Found watercolour from 1891 (by Leonard Portal Mark), St Bartholomew’s Hospital Archives & Museum, Wellcome Library, London


Burst is a collection of works for percussion and saxophone by six composers. The themes of the pieces on the CD include Jexper Holmens’ look back at early youth, Niels Rønsholdt’s desperate struggle to break through in personal relationships and Kasper Jarnum’s Pied Piper of Hamlin-inspired story where the hero becomes the child murderer.