Denise Burt

Graphic arts and design for music / Insta: deniseburt / Twitter: @DanishDenise

CD: Michael Gordon – Rushes

Rushes Ensemble: Dana Jessen, Saxton Rose, Rachael Elliot, Jeffrey Lyman, Lynn Hileman, Maya Stone, Michael Harley

Released on Cantaloupe Music, 2014


This piece of music is performed by an ensemble of 7 bassoons playing a non-stop, concert-length work, taking the listener on an meditative, ambient journey. Michael described the work to me as sculptural – having space and weight like a river. For the design, I used US artist Moses Hacmon’s innovative images of water; made with a special technique that doesn’t involve light, but the movement of actual water on a liquid iron film.





Images by Moses Hacmon  from series “Faces of Water”