Denise Burt

Graphic arts and design for music / Insta: deniseburt / Twitter: @DanishDenise

CD: David Lang – this was written by hand

Andrew Zolinsky, piano

Released on Cantaloupe Music, 2011

Image: Charcoal drawings by Denise Burt


David Lang wrote the piano piece this was written by hand with a pencil to see if the physical act of writing with a pencil instead of a computer (as he did back when he was taught to write music) would have any effect on the music.  The other work on this release, memory pieces, are 8 works, also for piano, each for written for a friend who has passed away.

The graphic for this CD was made by rubbing charcoal into the indentations on paper, made by writing hard through several sheets of paper. It was a reference to the physical act of writing, the attempt to preserve memories and David Lang’s minimalistic aesthetic.


this-was-written-1to1-size(C2H-cmyk) this-was-written-inside-1to1-size(C2H-cmyk)