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  • CD: David Lang – this was written by hand

    Andrew Zolinsky, piano

    Released on Cantaloupe Music, 2011

    Image: Charcoal drawings by Denise Burt


    David Lang wrote the piano piece this was written by hand with a pencil to see if the physical act of writing with a pencil instead of a computer (as he did back when he was taught to write music) would have any effect on the music.  The other work on this release, memory pieces, are 8 works, also for piano, each for written for a friend who has passed away.

    The graphic for this CD was made by rubbing charcoal (later coloured to a retro copy-sheet blue colour that David liked) into the indentations on paper, made by writing hard  through several sheets of paper. It was a reference to the physical act of writing, the attempt to preserve memories and a nod to David Lang’s minimalistic aesthetic.