Denise Burt

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CD: Songs from Evening Land – Helene Gjerris sings Per Nørgård

Helene Gjerris, mezzo-soprano

Anne Marie Fjord Abildskov, piano;  Johannes Søe Hansen, violin; Jesper Lützhøft, guitar; Ulla Miilmann, flute; Toke Møldrup, cello; Tine Rehling, harp; Casper Schreiber, conductor; Gert Sørensen, percussion; Lotte Wallevik, viola

Released on Dacapo Records, 2012

Images: Photographs of Helene Gjerris by Denise Burt


When I read the texts to the songs on this release, I was struck by how dark and violent many of them were. Ted Hughes’ Day and Night – “as he drowned in his own blood …”,  Alan Ginsberg’s Plutonian Ode “Poured on floor, I call your name with hollow vowels”, French surrealist Rimbaud’s L’étoile a pleuré “The infinite rolled white your neck to your waist … And Man bled black at your sovereign side”.

Helene told me about the intense physical experience of singing Nørgård’s music. An idea occurred to me while we were talking to use Helene herself on the cover – something I rarely do. She came to my makeshift photo-studio where she was a most excellent sport and poured black paint down her nude back while I danced around my camera. Great fun.