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CD: Per Nørgård – Symphonies 1 & 8

Sakari Oramo, conductor; Vienna Philharmonic

Released on Dacapo Records, 2014


Two symphonies on this CD, are from either end of Per Nørgård’s long artistic production: Symphony No. 1 and Symphony No. 8 – the first from 1955 and the latest from 2011, both recorded by the great Vienna Philharmonic. Nørgård describes the 1st Symphony as “motifs that shift place without settling; rhythmic layers that open up a new dimension; metamorphoses with an undercurrent that is sombre and mysterious.” and the 8th Symphony: “The first movement opens with sculptural rising and falling scales. Visually the sound may call to mind, say, spirals or ziggurats.”


Norgard-1&8-cover Norgard-1&8-inside