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CD, Vinyl & Website: Dreamers’ Circus – Second Movement

Dreamers’ Circus: Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, Ale Carr & Nikolaj Busk.

Released on Go’, 2015




Dreamers(open-1) Dreamers(open-2) Dreamers(open-3) Dreamers(back-cover)






The three young, virtuistic musicians of Dreamers’ Circus are at the forefront of the folk music wave in Scandanavia, blending tradtional sounds with their own special, contemporary vision. Their second album – Second Movement – was highly acclaimed, winning both Album and Composer of the Year at the Danish Music Awards.


The album’s cover image is a historic self-portrait by Norwegian zoologist Robert Collet – the other images on the album are also historical images, found through painstaking searches in a range of archives.


The Dreamer’s Circus website was created with a series of these historical images running in the background, working together with the music to create a dreamy, filmic effect. The site was created in collaboration with Bugge Lüzthøft of Ekranoplan.