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CD: Michael Gordon, Kronos Quartet – Clouded Yellow

Kronos Quartet

Released on Cantaloupe Music, 2018


Clouded Yellow features four pieces: the title track, Exalted, The Sad Park and Potassium. The title of the first refers to the clouded yellow butterfly, which is known in England for its mass migrations; the word “clouded” refers also to the blurred harmonies and melodies of the piece.

Potassium is for amplified string quartet and electronics, with a fuzz box used throughout to lend a mysterious distortion to the sound. The Sad Park is accompanied by recordings of children ages 3 to 4 and their responses to the tragic events of 9/11.




Clouded-Yellow-inside-1Clouded-Yellow-inside-2 copyclouded-yellow-booklet-disc