Denise Burt

Graphic arts and design for music / Insta: deniseburt / Twitter: @DanishDenise

CD: Michael Gordon – Timber

Slagwerk Den Haag, percussion

Released on Cantaloupe Music, 2011

Images: Vector drawing and wood prints by Denise Burt


Michael Gordon’s piece Timber is a percussion work and a meditation on travelling sounds and rhythm. The 6 musicians play on instruments called ‘simantras’ which are basically planks of ordinary “2 x 4″ wood cut to different sizes to produce deep resonating sounds with rich overtones.

The CD is release in a wooden box, heat-stamped with a graphic of the 6 pieces of wood. They are drawn in wireframe and viewed from different perspectives to reference both the physical instruments and the ephemeral and spatial qualities in the music.